Lake View Psychotherapy - CONCIERGE RECOVERY CARE

"Good therapy builds a strong collaborative relationship with a knowledgeable guide who can empower and facilitate access to one’s own truth to heal the brain, body, heart & soul."                    

Concierge Outpatient Treatment 
Substance Abuse  &  Sex Addiction Recovery

Addiction destroys the heart and soul of an individual and the life of a family.  The compulsions and obsessions characteristic of this chronic illness hijack the brain.  We are here because addicts cannot cure themselves alone.
We help addicts to help themselves.  

Most individuals benefit from starting with our intensive level of outpatient care, which offers compassionate and knowledgeable guides in the quest for health, peace, and sobriety.  We offer treatment in the style of concierge care packages.  You can trust us to know what you need at all stages of recovery. 

Professionals Recovery
Helping Wounded Healers Heal 

Experience tells us that impaired professionals benefit from treatment settings where their special challenges to sobriety are understood and their strengths are recognized as resources. 
Our services help healthcare professionals deal with licensure problems, debilitating shame, and work reentry concerns in a supportive environment with their peers.  

With therapeutic advocacy and recovery monitoring groups, professionals enjoy more success in sobriety, have fewer relapses, return to work earlier, experience  lower burnout rates, and show improved work performance. 

Sober Living  
Highly Attentive Recovery Care

Our Concierge Recovery program provides VIP services at the highest level of outpatient intensity.  We offer this superior level of care to a few people whose unique needs have been underserved in the maze of traditional treatment facilities and programs in the past.
We know the key to lasting recovery is making a lifestyle commitment.  We assist individuals to build a sober lifestyle based on learning to live on spiritual principals, day by day, and choice by choice.  When building a sober lifestyle from the ground up, just the right amount and type of support is needed to ensure success and create a sober living environment.
Those who elect Concierge Recovery are personally attended to by a triad team comprised of an Addiction Medicine Physician, Addictions Therapist, and a Sober Coach.  This team carefully and expertly designs a long-term course of treatment to move from detox to stable recovery.  Medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic needs are addressed by this team of care providers consistently across the stages of recovery until they are no longer needed.

Medical Management         
Addiction is a Brain Disease

We approach the treatment of addiction from an understanding that it is a chronic illness and that life-long recovery is possible for anyone willing to embrace treatment.  We believe that is it is imperative to treat the addicted brain in order for the whole person to survive and thrive.
Our medical services assist patients to heal the biochemistry of addiction with help of adjunctive pharmacologic therapies, when they are indicated.  For optimal results, for some patients, we utilize neurogenic reagents to enable the brain’s natural plasticity to regenerate.   
Our purpose is to catalyze healthy changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior so that the benefits of psychotherapy are enhanced.

Recovery Check-Ups
Opportunities for Appraisal and Support

Those with time in recovery 
often benefit from pausing and thoughtfully assessing their current status in recovery, the strength and weakness of their recovery program, and the potential threat of relapse is.  
Feedback from us can help you develop clarity about what is working well in your recovery and where you may need to improve or grow to strengthen your sobriety.  
Recovery Check-Ups are helpful for those at a stuck place in recovery or believe they are in relapse, and want to set a new direction or goals.  Our feedback may shed light on old or new issues that begin to surface as recovery unfolds. 
Recovery Check-Ups are also useful for our recovering professionals who seek to document the work they are doing in recovery so that their professional stature and fitness is protected and corroborated. 

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