Lake View Psychotherapy - CONCIERGE RECOVERY CARE

“We seek not rest, but transformation.  We are
    dancing through each others’ doorways.”  
                                 Marge Piercy
We employ interventions that work.

Strengthening of core attributes and an essential paradigm shift are major goals of treatment.  We seek to empower individuals by supporting them to discover and stand in their own truth, affirm a dignified place in the world, restore balance and inner peace, approach life gently with compassion, and embrace joy by learning to delight in the good. 
Expert best practice guidelines and the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s scientific position that addiction is a brain disease, serve as the foundation of our clinical care. 
Individual, group, and family therapy is complemented by community-based peer support, 12 Step participation, random drug testing, psychoeducation, agonist therapies, sober coaching, and sub-acute detoxification.  
Blended psychotherapeutic approaches utilize cognitive-behavioral, expressive, experiential, and body-based strategies.  Self-inquiry, personal empowerment, spiritual growth, and relational skill building is emphasized.  

We also treat trauma with Eye Movement Desensitzation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. 
Graduated levels of care increase or decrease at any point to provide the right amount and type of treatment for each patient at every stage of change.   This flexibility promotes stronger recovery and lasting outcomes.  
Co-occurring dual diagnoses and multiple addictions are addressed which enables patients to overcome tenacious obstacles to recovery.  
We believe the most effective therapy goes deep, so that healing occurs at the place where the problem began. 
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