Lake View Psychotherapy - CONCIERGE RECOVERY CARE
  "If you share your pain, you cut it in half.  
If you don't, you double it."  - AA Quote

Medically-Assisted Treatment
Suboxone As A Pathway to Recovery

 While our ultimate goal in recovery is to assist individuals to attain a drug-free lifestyle, we understand there are many pathways to get there.  For some battling opiate dependence, medically-assisted treatment enables them to move forward towards a joyous, happy, and free life.

 We believe Suboxone can be an effective tool in the early stages of the recovery process. This type of assistance can help individuals get a reprieve from the insanity of addiction so that they can build a solid foundation for sobriety.

Agonist therapy is not a stand-alone solution.  When agonist therapy is combined with robust psychotherapy and sober fellowship,  lives can be saved and transformed. 

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